It's the end of the world as we know it...

The detailed facts of the origins of Mandatory are lost, there's not much information available of the early days with out-of-tune instruments, mixed-up rhythms and untalented performance...

They started back in 1993 with Johan "Cassu/Castro" Castren on drums, Tommi "Leho" Lehtonen on bass and Timo Ruska on guitar and vocals. The band had no name yet, but it is considered as the first line-up featuring two forthcoming MY-members Tommi and Cassu playing together.

The main part of the material consisted of covers (i.e. one riff from "Enter Sandman", "Roadrunner" or "Smoke on the Water" played over and over again). The overall sound was very poppy, mainly because the band couldn't play almost at all, never mentioned the high intensity! They had two songs they had composed themselves, a punk tune that would become "Salon poliisi" after 6 years, and "Satan our lord" with lyrical help from Heka "Helge" Hela.

Henri "Hege from hell" Perälä visited their training room, which was the music classroom of Lauri upper secondary school. Henri taught himself the basic 4/4-rhythm and became the drummer, while Cassu switched on guitar and Timo left and started playing finnish pop music (obviously, what else would you expect?).

In this point they named the outfit as "Inborn Death", as was suggested by Tommi as a total joke. The influences become heavier. Eppu Normaali got replaced with Pantera and Metallica...the direction was clear.

In 1995 the moved into the Perälä family's empty barn and started rehearsing more regulary. More members came in the following years. Cassu had met Marko "Marduk" Harjula and Toni "Ixa" Ikola and recruited them along. Marko played guitar and had composed his own songs using computer. The band started playing these songs and three Sepultura covers - this time full versions instead of riffs. Ixa sang seriously for the first time, his vocals clear and higher, darky and lower...

Tommi suggested the name of the band to be Mandatory, as ripped off from a Slayer song "Mandatory Suicide"...the band was satisfied with this, rather than the other suggestion "Gothic Satanas", that no-one else liked (except Perälä a little bit).

Their own compositions included "Doom Day" and "Peach Pit after Dark", as heard on their first CD 1997. They played a few gigs and placed third in the annual Band contest of Salo city. The style become heavier, and faster. Slayer and Death slipped in as influences. Ixa got bored with this, also because of the band insisted him to use low "örinä" in the new songs. Ixa left 1999 and Cassu started to handle guitar and singing. Cassu was happy to yell in Sepultura style while the rest of the band hammered the songs with rage!

The new compositions, "Stare", "You Said" and the latest, "Loud Death" (the working name) show clearly the new style presenting heavier riffs and sounds, more straightforward devastation with pop-influences finally thrown aside!

The new millennium is the battle ground for Mandatory. The road is clear and they're coming through!